DNAstack Inks Partnership with Sentieon to Offer Faster, Cheaper, More Consistent Bioinformatics in the Cloud
November 14, 2017

DNAstack, a cloud genomics company, today is announcing a partnership with Sentieon, an award-winning bioinformatics software company. 

Through this partnership, a suite of Sentieon’s algorithms will be made available for running through DNAstack’s Workflows app to deliver genomics data analyses pipelines in the cloud that are faster, cheaper, without downsampling, and 100% consistent while using identical mathematics as the industry standard best practice workflows.

Sentieon technologies won precision FDA’s Consistency Challenge as Top Overall Performance and Highest Reproducibility, and Truth Challenge for highest SNP Recall and INDEL Precision. In the most recent precisionFDA Hidden Treasures-Warm Up challenge, along with 36 other submissions, all Sentieons’ submissions caught all injected variants while using default parameters without any special filtering. Last year, Sentieon’s TNscope toolset also ranked #1 in the ICGC-TCGA DREAM Challenge for Somatic Mutation Calling for all 3 categories SNV, Indel, SV. “At DNAstack, our mission is to democratize access to genomics data and best-in-class technologies to analyze it at scale,” said Dr. Marc Fiume, CEO of DNAstack. “The addition of Sentieon’s algorithms to our Workflows marketplace lets anyone with an internet connection run their award-winning software simply and at any scale. From there, they can interpret results privately in the context of the large and growing global network on our platform.” Fiume also co-leads the Discovery Workstream of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, which develops industry standards for sharing of genomics data, tools, and services.

Sentieon’s DNAseq pipeline for germline FASTQ-to-VCF running on DNAstack takes around 5 hours and costs less than $15 for a 30X coverage Whole Genome Sequence. “Through the integration with DNAstack, Sentieon technologies will be made more accessible to a global community of scientists to help accelerate breakthrough discoveries and the implementation of precision medicine,” said Dr. Jun Ye, Sentieon’s CEO. “We look forward to leveraging the power and efficiencies of DNAstack’s platform to deliver Sentieon’s accurate and fast tools for read alignment and variant calling to DNAstack’s customers”

“This can serve a very large user base that needs a simple and cost-effective ‘sequencer-to-scientist’ solution,” said Fiume. “Especially as genomics becomes increasingly integrated with clinical care, we see tremendous long term value in having high-speed, low-cost, no downsampling, and 100% reproducible solutions for data analysis.”

About DNAstack

DNAstack develops a cloud-based platform for genomics data analysis and sharing. Through collaborations with Google, Broad Institute, and the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, DNAstack provides push-button access to state-of-the-art technologies to help researchers, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies more quickly and cost-effectively make sense of the world’s exponentially accumulating genomics data and break down barriers to data sharing.

Direct any questions to info@dnastack.com.

About Sentieon

Sentieon develops highly optimized and accurate algorithms for bioinformatics applications, using the team’s expertise in algorithm, software, and system optimization. Sentieon is a team of professionals using accumulated expertise in modeling, optimization, machine learning, and high-performance computing, to enable precision data for precision medicine.