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Omics data are large and complex. Analyzing them requires bioinformatics expertise. Our team of experienced bioinformaticians can help you author, test, and run custom or best practices pipelines for omics and health data analysis. With your guidance, we will write pipelines in a platform agnostic language, like Workflow Description Language (WDL), so that your pipelines can be run in more places and be in compliance with open standards by the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH).

Machine Learning
Our Machine Learning service harnesses advanced algorithms and statistical models, that will help you unravel hidden patterns and generate predictive models to drive your understanding of biological systems. Machine learning is more than just a tool for us—it's a way of transforming your data into actionable insights. We embrace the power of artificial intelligence to analyze large and complex omics datasets, turning intricate data into knowledge that will help you predict, understand, and guide biological processes.
Data tell stories. These stories are often best understood when visualized. Our team of data scientists can help you create beautiful, interactive visualizations of omics data that you can then use to generate reports or embedded in custom branded dashboards using frameworks like Plotly, an interactive, open-source graphing library for Python.
Data Integration
Our Data Integration services will help you to harmonize disparate data sources, reducing complexity and enabling easier access to your vital research data. We understand that managing and integrating various forms of data from multiple sources can be challenging. That's why we offer robust solutions that streamline your data, improving its consistency, and providing a unified view of your research. We will help you to tie together diverse datasets, weaving them into a coherent, integrated data landscape that simplifies analysis and boosts the reliability of your results.
Software Engineering
Custom software solutions are an integral part of omics research. Our dedicated team of software engineers stand ready to develop tailored applications that manage, analyze, and interpret your omics data. We focus on building robust, scalable, and user-friendly tools, each meticulously crafted to meet your specific research needs. Our software solutions go beyond functionality. They are designed with a deep understanding of the omics field, tailored to your unique requirements, and built to evolve with your research.